18-20 Jun 2019 Talence (France)

The Hydrodynamics of Wave Energy Convertors 2

This conference addresses the modelling, mathematical analysis and numerical simulation of wave energy convertors and more broadly to wave-structure interactions.

It is organized in the framework of the work packages 3 and 5 of the Excellence Cluster Sysnum as one of two twin events devoted to marine renewable energies organized in Bilbao (the VI Marine Energy Conference, June 25th) and Bordeaux. A Transborder Laboratory of Mathematics and Applications (Transmath) was created in december 2018 to foster collaborations between the Idex of Bordeaux and Euskampus.

As for the first edition of this conference, also supported by the Oceanera-net Midwest and the Fondation Del Duca,  which has held in 2017 at the BCAM in Bilbao, the goal of this conference is to:

1- Focus on PDE and numerical modelling techniques. We will have talks on advanced and recent approaches including
- Depth averaged/Boussinesq type approximation and models
- Potential and Euler models
- Full CFD simulations

2- Give an overview of examples of industrial techniques and applications with several European industrial actors

Scientific committee

Jesus Maria BLANCO (Universidad del País Vasco/E.H.U.), Allan Peter ENGSIG-KARUP (Technical University of Denmark), Claes ESKILSSON (Aalbord University), Carlos GUEDES SOARES (University of Lisbon), David Lannes (IMB and CNRS), Vincenzo NAVA (BCAM and Tecnalia), Mario RICCHIUTO (IMB and INRIA), Marius Tucsnak (Université de Bordeaux)

















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